Training Opportunities

🔵🔵 SBPUSA is offering their Fall SHARE Partner Workshop series, which will run through Friday, December 2. These trainings will provide guidance and best practices honed by Subject Matter Experts from across SBP and its partners. Training topics, including Resilient Building, Construction Coordination, and many others, will be aimed at reducing the time for disaster survivors to get back into their homes. You can find out more about these workshops at the SHARE Training Page. Each session will be recorded and sent to all who registered. The Workshops include:

🔵🔵 FEMA Region 3 is presenting the Mitigation Coffee Break, “Utilizing University Partnerships in Hazard Mitigation Planning” on Wednesday, November 23, 2022 from 11 AM to 12 Noon ET.  Working with the right people is a key part of hazard mitigation planning. Colleges and universities have unique data. They can also research topics that are related to mitigation. These topics include changes in development; efforts in mitigation; and the impacts of natural hazards. This webinar will explore how jurisdictions can best work with institutions of higher education as they draft hazard mitigation plans. Learn more and register.

🔵🔵 Lehigh County Emergency Management Agency is sponsoring a National Center for Disaster Preparedness (NCDP) virtual instructor-led training: PER 387 – “Improving Households’ Financial Literacy and Management to Support Post-Disaster Economic Recovery,” on Wednesday, December 14, 2022, 9 AM – 3 PM ET.  A FEMA certificate of completion will be awarded for the successful completion of a post-test at the end of each course. Register –