Shirley Norman Award

The Board of Directors of PAVOAD annually presents an award in memory and in honor of Rev. Shirley Norman, one of our founding members and the first Vice President of our organization. Rev. Shirley was well known for her commitment to serve disaster victims and was a champion for the advancement of VOAD in Pennsylvania. The Rev. Shirley Norman Memorial Award is given annually during our PAVOAD conference and is given to a VOAD member who best exhibits her spirit and commitment of service to others and to the advancement of VOAD throughout the Commonwealth of PA.

The 2023 Awards were made on October 15 to Roy Shipley and Greg Crossley, both of Fayette County. Pictured below are (from left to right) PEMA Director Randy Padfield, US DHS Center for Faith-based and Community Partnerships Marcus Coleman, Greg Crossley, Roy Shipley, Jerry Lynn, Julia Frank, and Kenton Hunt (PAVOAD).

In October 2022 the Shirley Norman Award was presented to Janet Zeis, shown in this picture talking to a family about disaster preparedness at the Ready PA educational experience at the 2023 Farm Show. Janet has been a champion of PAVOAD for years, first as a member of the Chester County staff, then at the Chester County Food Bank, and now as a community volunteer.