What is a COAD?

Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COADs) work within the State/Territory VOAD structure at the local level. This group of local community organizations work together during a disaster to provide coordination of services to ensure that unmet needs are addressed, provide financial assistance and supplies, and to share knowledge and resources with local residents during a disaster.

Here you will find a list of the COADs active within Pennsylvania.

Allegheny County VOAD, Jerry Lynn, President, [email protected]                             Website

Berks County COAD, David Duquette, Chair,   [email protected]

Bradford County COAD, Michael Stitley, chair, [email protected]

Butler Emergency Relief Initiative, Amy Franz, Chair,   [email protected]   

Clarion County VOAD, Denny Logue, Chair,    [email protected]                          Website

Columbia County COAD, Eileen Chapman, Chair, [email protected]

Dauphin County COAD, Lexi Passaro, Convener, [email protected]

Disaster Recovery Coalition of Luzerne County, Diane M. Dutko, COO    [email protected]     Webpage

Fayette County VOAD, Gregory Crossley, Chair,      [email protected]                                     Webpage

Lancaster County VOAD, Bob Walton, Chairperson, [email protected]    Webpage

Lawrence County VOAD, Chad Strobel              [email protected]                                               Webpage       

Lebanon County COAD, Paul LeVan, Chair [email protected]

North Central COAD, Steve Leauber, co-convener [email protected]

Northeastern PA VOAD, Karl Jones, Chair                  [email protected]                               

Schuylkill County COAD, John Blickley, President     [email protected]                          Webpage

Somerset County COAD,  Sharlene McCoy, Administrative Lead [email protected]

Southeastern PA VOAD,  George,Matysik, Chair       [email protected]         

United Churches of Lycoming County Disaster Long Term Recovery, Tammy Alchner, Chair   [email protected]        Webpage

Western PA Regional VOAD, Greg Crossley, Chair  [email protected]

York County VOAD, Stanton Walters, Chair       [email protected]                                 Webpage