2023 PAVOAD Annual Meeting

The PAVOAD Annual meeting was held, as part of the KEMA Conference, on Sunday, October 15, 2023.  The meeting was conducted by President Kenton Hunt.  Here are some highlights:

  • Elections were held.  The officers for 2024-2025 are:

    President – Julia Menzo Frank                    Vice President – Adam Kitta

    Secretary – Greg Crossley                           Treasurer – Kelly Gollick

Incoming President Julia Frank and outgoing President Kenton Hunt reviewed their hopes for the future and the achievements of the past year.
The Shirley Norman Award was presented to Greg Crossley and Roy Shipley. Adding in the presentation are (from left to right) PEMA Director Randy Padfield, US DHS Director of the Center for Faith-based and Community Partnerships, Marcus Coleman, Greg Crossley, Roy Shipley, PAVOAD Board member, Jerry Lynn, Vice-President Julia Frank, and President Kenton Hunt.
Jerry Lynn explains the changes to the PAVOAD Bylaws. These changes were approved by the members and are available upon request.
US DHS Center for Faith-based and Community Partnerships Director Marcus Coleman addressed the gathering.
PEMA Director Randy Padfield addressed the gathering.

    Minutes of the meeting are available upon request from the PAVOAD Secretary at [email protected].