Associate Members

American Radio Relay League  

            George Miller, Section Manager, Eastern PA   (570) 250-1007          [email protected]

Beaver County Large Animal Rescue Team

            Harry Schmidley, Rescue Captain, Office: 724-847-3606   cell: 724-601-8580     [email protected]     

Butler Emergency Relief Initiative                  

Amy Franz, Region Director, United Way of Southwest PA, Office: 724-285-4883  fax: 724-287-1470        [email protected]

Crisis Relief & Recovery                                   Webpage

Dave Hearn, Founder/Director of Operations, Office: 814-246-5025 [email protected]

Disaster Recovery Coalition of Luzerne County   Webpage

Diane M. Dutko, COO, Office: 570.822.2065   Fax: 570.300.1712     [email protected]   

E.N.A.C.T.   (Emergency Non-profit Assisting Communities Together)

            Stacy Lobdell, dispatcher,     Cell:  717-254-9565  Cell alt. 717-921-0137   [email protected]

Keystone Crisis Intervention Team/Network of Victim Assistance  

            Donna Welsh, Coordinator, office: 215-343-6543, ext. 6605  cell:  215-907-1690   [email protected]     

Lend-a-Hand Mission of the Presbytery of Carlisle

Jim Davis,  Office Manager,      Office: 717-731-8888  (Jim)  717-433-4475  Fax: 717-730-9137  [email protected] 

Mission Central                                             

            Hope Harrison             CEO Office: 717-766-1533      [email protected] 

Pennsylvania Behavioral Health Crisis Response Advisory Consortium

            John A. Sushereba, co-chair,             Cell:  814-873-4602                  [email protected]                                              

Pennsylvania Emergency Response Center                                          

Trevor Reed, Executive Director, Office: 412-857-4727   [email protected]                                                 

Pennsylvania Animal Response Team                        Webpage

Sarah Speed    Executive Director, Office: 717-651-2736     fax: 717-651-2125      [email protected]     

South Central PA Search and Rescue Team

            Michael Fischer, President/Deputy Chief, Office: 717-602-7577        [email protected]      

The Chapel of Four Chaplains           

MSGT. Bill Kaemmer,   Executive Director, Office: 215-218-1943   cell:  515-554-4836        [email protected]      

The Conscience Group Corporation

            David Adams   President, Office: 412-727-1996  cell:  412-304-3468     [email protected]

United Churches of Lycoming County Disaster Long Term Recovery            Webpage

            Pastor Tammey Alchner, Office: 570-322-1110  cell: 570-419-1464      [email protected]      

US Search and Rescue Task Force    

            Bill Ludwig      Assistant Chief             Office: 215-922-7225                           [email protected]                             

Weinberg Northeast Regional Food Bank                Webpage

            Jordan Palkovic, Agency Relations Coordinator, Office: 570-908-2222  Cell (570) 760-4374  [email protected]

Western PA Search and Rescue Development Center

            Cynthia Garfold   Executive Director, Office:  412-856-4357   cell:  412-915-5534  fax:  412-646-2615   [email protected]