Housing and Sheltering Resources and News

++ AID in PA is a collaborative effort between ASERT (Autism Services, Education, Resources and Training) and its subsidiary teams #ASDNext and the Philly Autism Project, the HCQUs (Health Care Quality Units) across the state and Temple University’s department of Disability Resources and Services, all operating under Pennsylvania’s ODP (Office of Developmental Programs).  They have produced trauma-informed sensory positive toolkits for the purpose of informing self-advocates, shelter staff/volunteers, families, caregivers, and Direct Support Professionals (DSP) on how to best support persons with sensory needs, including individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and/or Autism in a disaster shelter setting. These toolkits are available to download, print, and share here.

++  Sheltering Taskforce Information:  Contact: Christine Heyser – [email protected].  Sheltering Toolkit here:  https://bit.ly/COVID-19ShelteringTaskforce

++ The PA DHS has a website for Mass Care. You can read about the Task Forces and other resources available to support mass care needs in the Commonwealth at www.dhs.pa.gov/MassCare.