Hawaii Wild Fire Information

National VOAD requests that all VOAD Members looking to deploy to Hawaii respect the host culture and Hawaii VOAD. Please coordinate through and not around the Hawaii VOAD. Please use the four Cs! Click on this link to watch the cultural sensitivity training developed by Kainoa Daines with the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau.

Hawaii VOAD is coordinating local, state and national VOAD members through the Hawaii VOAD workgroup structure. Organizations get an offer to reply when they, in cooperation with the appropriate Workgroup, determine it will benefit the local community and resources are available. All deployed organizations are encouraged to find their own paid housing and purchase food locally to help our local hospitality communities recover.

Many of our Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster members are providing emergency assistance to survivors. Those seeking to donate to the recovery efforts, can do so by visiting https://www.hawaiistatevoad.org/how-to-help/.

For additional FEMA information on the Hawaii Wildfires, visit 4724 | FEMA.gov.

FEMA Blog: 3 Ways You Can Help Hawaii Wildfire Survivors

The devastating Hawaii wildfires left a trail of destruction, causing immense loss and tragedy. Whether you are an individual or a business, your help today and throughout the response is instrumental in supporting this community as they rebuild.

In this FEMA Blog you will find essential resources for businesses looking to contract with FEMA and individuals who want to help support survivors. The three keyways to get involved are:

  • Donate Cash,
  • Volunteer Your Time, and
  • Get Your Business Involved.

When helping survivors, it’s important to follow guidelines to help make the most of your contributions. Learn more by visiting the FEMA Blog to learn how to help today!

FEMA Resource for Partners: Hawai’i Wildfire Partners Toolkit Hawaii Wildfires Partners Toolkit | FEMA.gov. It contains websites, handouts, social media language, graphics in multiple languages and video PSAs. 
The National Low Income Housing Coalition reports:
✔️The number of those missing following the wildfires that tore through portions of Maui has ballooned to more than 1,000. Authorities are urging those who may have lost loved ones to donate DNA samples in order to help identify bodies. Currently, the death toll stands at 115.
✔️The fires destroyed 2,200 buildings – 86% of which were residential – mostly in the City of Lahaina. In total, ten square miles of Maui’s 735-square-mile surface area burnt during the fires.
✔️According to Maui County, there are currently 11 hotel shelters housing those whose homes were damaged or destroyed. In addition, there are 28 meal distribution sites, three social service sites, and two water distribution sites currently operational, along with various medical, logistical, and supply distribution areas.
✔️A list of resources to assist survivors of the Maui fire is available here.